A new era for the Cranchi Yachts Endurance line

The E30 Endurance is a walkaround with an inboard/outboard engine that has modernised the concept and design of the legendary Endurance line. It originated in the 1980s and, since then, has been constantly upgraded to ensure it’s always at the forefront of innovation in its field.

Today, the new E30 Endurance offers softer lines and new details, enhancing its practicality and elegance. The stern deck is entirely teak clad and a whole 70 cm have been added to it. The ladders used for access on board from the water includes integrated handles, and the bollards on either side of the boat are retractable. The seats, sofas and navigation dashboard have been renovated for a sportier, more vintage look.





                                                                                                           Обучение ROYAL RIVER


                                                                                           Лариса Ломакина Лико-Холдинг

                                                                                           Обучения яхтингу в школе ROYAL RIVER



В гостях ROYAL RIVER самая очаровательная представительница Лико-холдинга  Лариса Ломакина!








                                                                          Наши первые занятия!!! Яхтинг - это другой мир!